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E-Motec is a leading EV news outlet providing our users with all of the latest EV news, in this category you will find all updates, innovations and advances in electrical vehicle drivetrain tech and anything else from the sector.

What is an Electrical Powertrain?

Powertrains are what is used to power a vehicle, an electrical powertrain is that same system for electrical vehicles (EVs). The word “Powertrain” is used to describe the components involved in creating and delivering power to the vehicle's wheels in order to move the vehicle.

An electrical power train removes the need for an internal combustion engine (ICE) and is capable of delivering instant torque.

What is the difference between powertrains of EVS and ICE

The main difference between the drivetrains for EVS vs ICE are the ability of an electrical drive train to deliver instant torque and the other is the number of components involved, with EVS needing far less than that of a ICE which requires pumps, starters exhausts and much more that aren’t part of an electrical drivetrain.

Electrical Drivetrain Components

An electrical drivetrain is broken down into 4 main sections; Charger, Battery Pack, DC/AC Converter, Controller and the Electrical Motor; however there can be a number of other parts including thermal management systems, BCMs and BMS all of which could be spoken about in our articles.