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ASICS for Battery Management Systems

Lithium-ion battery packs are becoming increasing commonplace in a wide range of applications including automotive, marine, aerospace, rail and energy storage.  However, whilst there have been many advances in lithium-ion cell chemistries in recent years, the design of the Battery Management System (BMS) that ensures the performance and safety of…

Charging in record time

A superior technology ensures high power charging in the most convenient and safe way. Super-charged in 15 minutes – how HUBER+SUHNER is accelerating the electric vehicle market Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming the car of choice as more people become environmentally conscious. The sale of electrical vehicles in the US…

NewMotion – 10 years in Charge

Interview with Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion In the last 10 years the e-mobility market has changed a lot. What were the most important changes for NewMotion in that period? The EV driving experience has improved significantly the past 10 years and so has e-mobility itself. Range anxiety is a…

AVERE – has a vision for a Europe that relies on electromobility

AVERE, The European Association for Electromobility, is the European association that promotes electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe. Founded in 1978 – our network of members includes e-mobility users, industry from along the entire e-mobility value chain, as well as academia. We are therefore the only European association representing all…

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