AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE Sponsors TU Darmstadt Formula Student Team

Expertise and Technology Laser welding technology used to produce high-performance, environmentally-friendly racing car battery assembly

TU Darmstadt Racing Car 1

Amada Miyachi Europe announces it is a sponsor of TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V., a Formula Student team at Technical University Darmstadt. Amada Miyachi Europe is supplying battery pack manufacturing expertise and laser welding technology. Students are using the equipment and manufacturing facilities to weld packs for the high-voltage accumulator in the team’s electric racing vehicle.

Comprised of over 35 highly motivated students pursuing various fields of study from Technical University Darmstadt, the team designed their vehicle in line with their dedication to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. The race car outputs a max power of 80 kW at 1800 Nm, drawing power from a custom-engineered and custom-assembled battery pack. The car has qualified for a number of races including FS Austria (July 28th to August 1st at Spielberg-Ring), FS Germany (August 5th to 11th at Hockenheimring), and FS Spain (August 20th to 25th at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya). The race car will sport the logo of Amada Miyachi Europe.

Amada Miyachi Europe provided its expertise to the team, also known as DART-Racing, during the design and development of the batteries, leveraging its longstanding market leadership with battery pack welding solutions for electric vehicles. The students are using the high-power ML-2550 400W Pulsed YAG laser welder, which features flexible pulse shaping to help achieve optimum welding profiles, to connect pouch cells with the vehicle’s battery electronics board. The technology enables the team’s quadruple-overlap attachment of nickel-coated copper tabs to the electronics board’s copper terminal.

“We are proud to support this project, and enjoy helping this team of young student engineers develop the best design and select the right equipment and technology to overcome their welding challenges,” said André Dilly, Area Sales Manager for Amada Miyachi Europe. “We also applaud the team’s dedication to innovative design with the goals of sustainability and performance.”

“We are immensely appreciative of Amada Miyachi Europe’s expert technical support,” said Cornelius Mosch, member of the TU Darmstadt Student Team. “Their equipment and application knowledge allowed us to push our design to new levels. Amada Miyachi Europe added a great deal to the project, and our education.”



Amada Miyachi Europe is a leading manufacturer of equipment and systems for Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Laser Cutting, Resistance Welding, Hermetic Sealing and Hot Bar Reflow Soldering & Bonding.  We customize our products around specific micro-joining applications for all our customers around the globe. Amada Miyachi Europe product markets include medical devices, battery, automotive, solar industry, electronic components and aerospace.  We are an ISO9001 certified company. Contact Amada Miyachi Europe at Find out more about the company’s products and services at

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