AMADA WELD TECH launches CD-A1000A Capacitive Discharge Welder

Leading manufacturer of welding technology, AMADA WELD TECH, INC, has launched the CD-A1000A, a 1000 watt-second advanced capacitive discharge welder. The new CD-A1000A Capacitive Discharge Welder featuring dual pulse output with control and monitoring of both pulses, is ideal for battery tab welding, honeycomb tacking, and welding of conductive terminals. This next generation capacitive discharge spot welder is the latest in a long line of capacitive discharge welders manufactured by AMADA WELD TECH.

CD-A1000A Capacitive Discharge Welder
AMADA WELD TECH’s CD-A1000A Capacitive Discharge Welder

CD-A1000A Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welder

Automation-ready, the CD-A1000A Capacitive Discharge Welder features dual pulse output with control and monitoring of both pulses. The dual pulse function helps overcome surface inconsistencies, such as dirt and oil contamination, during the first pulse and makes consistent welds with the second. The built-in process monitor measures peak current for both pulses; this value is displayed after each weld. Upper and lower limits can be set for both pulses to ensure weld consistency. And an option to inhibit Pulse 2 if Pulse 1 is out of limits prevents weld blow out. The process monitor helps operators to assess performance with a color coded bar graph that gives operators an instant weld history of in limit/out of limit percentages.

The CD-A1000A capacitive discharge spot welder offers up to four selectable pulse widths, increasing the range of welding applications and improving process optimization. Extremely efficient power electronics provide high repetition rates. 63 schedules can be stored locally when a variety of welding processes are planned at the same station.

“The CD-A1000A is AMADA WELD TECH‘s latest generation of advanced capacitive discharge welders. Previous generation units have been workhorses in the battery and aerospace industries.” says AMADA WELD TECH’s Product Manager, Mark Boyle. “We are excited about this new product that will carry on that tradition and transition those products into modern manufacturing”.


Since 1948, AMADA WELD TECH has worked to achieve one goal: to solve customer’s manufacturing challenges. Knowing there is no one solution that fits all, the company strives to provide customers with innovative and reliable manufacturing technology solutions in an effort to be their single source provider. AMADA WELD TECH manufactures equipment and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing and hot bar reflow soldering and bonding. The company serves a wide range of markets including medical devices, battery, aerospace, automotive and electronic components.  AMADA WELD TECH is an ISO9001 certified company. Contact AMADA WELD TECH at Learn more about the company’s products and services at

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